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Creek Fire fleet 12.2020.jpg


Baby Trucky

2017 Toyota 4Runner

Baby Trucky Creek Fire 10.20.jpg

  October 2020 - Big Creek Fire Restoration 

The oldest 4runner in the fleet, she is reliable and gentle like a grandmother, but make no mistake, she is fiesty and will save you from any situation

Baby Trucky Deep Springs INF 11.20.jpg

 November 2020 - Near Deep Springs, Inyo National Forest 

Baby Trucky

Grey Thunder

2017 Toyota Tacoma

Grey Thunder .jpeg

 Winter 2019 - Mammoth Lakes  

One of our most versatile trucks is the Tacoma. Sporting a 6 foot bed, it is an essential vehicle when doing shovel pit testing because the equipment can be easily hauled around and there is plenty of room to haul samples back to the office for wet screening.

Grey Thunder

Sister Trucky

2019 Toyota 4Runner

Sister Trucky Mammoth Pool 11.20.jpg

  October 2019 - Mammoth Pool  

Little sister to Baby Trucky, she is calm and easy going. She loves exploring the snow covered forest roads of Inyo National Forest in the winter but also enjoys a hot, summer drive through the dusty roads of Death Valley.

Sister Trucky

Silver Bullet

2021 Toyota 4Runner

Silver Bullet Creek Fire 12.20.jpg

  December 2020 - Big Creek Fire Restoration  

Making her debut in late 2020, Silver Bullet came out of the barrel hot to assist crews with emergency work to repair transmission lines in wildfire devastated regions of California.

Silver Bullet 11.20.jpg

  November 2020 - Big Creek Fire Restoration  

Silver Bullet


2021 Toyota 4Runner

Pearl b 12.20.jpg

The flashiest 4 runner of the fleet, Pearl is an elegant truck with a passion for the outdoors even if it is 'glamping'. Its okay to be shiny and play in the dirt a little.

Pearl a 12.20.jpg


2021 Toyota 4Runner

Genesis Blythe b 1.5.21.jpg

  January 2021 - Blythe  

The newest truck in the fleet, this truck symbolizes new growth and continued expansion for MCC.

Genesis Cabazon 1.6.21.jpg

  January 2021 - Cabazon  


The Glamrock Express

2020 Polaris RZR Turbo S Velocity

RZR 12.30.20.jpg

  December 2021 - Lake Havasu City  

This 4-seater allows us to access the most extreme field situations without being late for lunch. The Glamrock has the following post-market upgrades and modifications: a custom roll cage, front and rear bumpers, Shock Therapy customized springs and Fox shock chambers, Safelight Engine Fire Suppression System, front and rear light bars, lighted LED whips, and PCI radios for in-car and external communication capabilities that reach up to 5 miles in mountainous terrain. The RZR also features GPS navigation and computerized route saving to allow us to travel without the worry of getting lost in the field.

Glamrock Express
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