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Tria Belcourt, M.A. RPA

President and Principal

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Tria has over 20 years of CEQA/NEPA cultural resources planning experience in the consulting industry, exceeding the Secretary of the Interior's Professional Standards for Archaeology. She maintains solid professional relationships with major proponents in the utility and transportation sectors, and with state and federal regulators and environmental consultants throughout the western United States. Sector experience includes: in-depth expertise with California publicly regulated utilities, renewable energy generators, transportation (rail, road and air), private/commercial developers, and government services sectors.


She's managed large-scale capital projects at all phases - from concept stage, planning, execution, habitat restoration, all the way to closeout. She's also managed several statewide operations and maintenance programs (and thousands of task orders) for major utilities. Tria has also led expansive United States Department of Defense cultural resource management programs and multiple projects for the United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management, United States Department of Agriculture National Forests, the United States National Park Service, and the State of California.


Tria started MCC to provide practical, cost effective, and legally sound solutions regarding cultural resource management for our clients, and to create an inclusive, engaging, and positive work experience for all employees. As she looks back on nearly ten years of MCC, she is proud to have achieved these dreams and enjoys being a part of this dynamic and talented community - and looks forward to a bright future for the company. Tria has always had her family at the center of her efforts, to set an example that hard work and determination can take you as far as you want to go in life. She balances her busy work life as MCC's President and CEO by volunteering on several of her childrens' sports teams, continual learning and personal development, and enjoys just about anything that allows her to be outdoors - hiking, skiing, diving, and off-roading in the CA and AZ mountains and deserts.

Tria B.

Julia Carvajal, M.A.

Cultural Resources Project Manager / GIS Specialist

Julia is an Archaeologist and GIS-trained Specialist with over fourteen years of professional experience in cultural resource management (CRM) throughout California and the Great Basin. She has served as a Project Manager at MCC for projects involving both precontact and historic cultural resources, including small- and large-scale archaeological surveys, as well as Phase-II testing and Phase-III data recovery investigations and archaeological monitoring throughout California. She has worked on projects subject to Federal, State, and local government regulations throughout California. In addition, Julia provides assistance to MCC as a GIS Specialist. Her archaeological experience has been a benefit to understanding GIS principles and its uses in the field of archaeology.


Julia enjoys hiking, traveling, and long distance running. She also enjoys expanding her knowledge about paleoethnobotany and tending to her native plant garden. She finds participating in and organizing public archaeology demonstrations and talks for students and the general public a fulfilling part of archaeology.


Meghan Lamb, M.A. RPA

Cultural Resources Project Manager 

Meghan has twelve years of professional experience in all aspects of archaeology throughout California. She earned her Master’s degree in Forensic Anthropology at California State University, Los Angeles and her Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Southern Illinois University. Furthermore, she received a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Forensic Identification from California State University, Chico and is a Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA). Meghan’s specialties include Human Osteology, Forensic Anthropology, Field Archaeology, and Skeletal Illustration. She oversees MCC's construction monitoring projects to ensure compliance with all mitigation measures, environmental regulations and laws, safety measures, and performs project management and field scheduling duties for archaeology and paleontology projects. Meghan has varied experience within Transportation projects and agencies including, California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS), Orange County Transportation Authority, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (METRO), San Bernardino County Transportation Authority, and Union Pacific Railroad.


Meghan likes to travel internationally and hike. She has a dog (Hodor) and cat (Fat Kitty). Currently, she is trying new challenging things like hiking Mt. Baldy!


Erika McMullin, B.A.

Senior Archaeologist and GIS Specialist

Erika is an archaeologist with over seven years of archaeological experience, and over five years of CRM experience. She has worked on projects subject to Federal, State, and local government regulations within California. She has served as a field director for monitoring, survey, site recording, and excavation throughout California and internationally. Erika specializes in bioarchaeological techniques, including identifying and exhuming human burials. She has served as a bioarchaeology supervisor at the Blackfriary Archaeology Field School in Ireland. Erika serves as one of MCC’s GIS Specialist where she is responsible for map creation, spatial data analysis and management, and other GIS support services. She has been responsible for managing several on-call contracts for SCE as a subconsultant, including performing project management, authoring various archaeological reports, and managing field staff. In addition, she serves as Project Manager for MCC’s CEQA projects where she is responsible for conducting CHRIS record searches, Native American correspondence and outreach, background research, managing surveys, writing Phase I Reports, and recommending mitigation measures.


In her free time, Erika enjoys tending to her garden and extensive house plant collection. She loves playing with her dogs and cuddling her cat. She also enjoys traveling and photographing her adventures.

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Amanda Cano

Project Analyst


Amanda is an project analyst at MCC. She contributes to the workflow of major projects by assisting in environmental intake for prime consultants.  


She lives in one of the most beautiful areas of California - San Luis Obispo! Amanda is a morning person and loves waking up before the sunrise to attend a yoga class. In her free time you can either catch her creating a new recipe in her kitchen, DIY-ing some part of her 1960s house or chasing her two wild daughters around! On the weekends she and her family love to go hiking,  go to the beach, and host friends for BBQ's in our backyard. Amanda attended UC Santa Cruz for both Anthropology and Art History. She is a lover of antiques, thrifting or anything that has a good ol' story.

Bonnie Rush



Bonnie earned her bachelor’s degree in anthropology with a minor in history from Cal State LA. Over the past two years her experience has focused on utility projects, and she has performed Phase II and extended Phase III testing, archaeological surveys, and cultural resources monitoring throughout California. Bonnie regularly supervises teams of 2-6 individuals on behalf of MCC and has served as co-field lead on SCE Castle Fire. She has worked on projects subject to Federal, State, and local government regulations within California. In addition, Bonnie is paleo-crossed trained and regularly participates in paleontological monitoring.  


Bonnie loves animals and being outdoors. In her off time, she enjoys scuba diving, horseback riding, and playing badminton with friends and family.


Brian Waldo

Field Director / GIS Technician


Brian is an archaeologist with over five years of academic research and field experience and four years of professional experience in CRM throughout California. He has served as a Field Director for monitoring, survey, and excavation projects both internationally and in California. He has worked on projects subject to Federal, State, and local government regulations throughout California. In addition to field work, Brian has conducted laboratory analysis of artifacts and faunal remains from California’s coastal region. 

In his spare time, Brian enjoys continuing specialized research in cave archaeology focusing on reconstructing ancient Maya ritual practices by examining artifacts from within the cave that are one thousand years old. Outside of research, he enjoys many outdoor activities including recreational off-roading, boating, and drifting.


Carmell Dennis

Field Director

Carmell 12.20.jpg

Carmell is an extremely driven archaeologist with over six years of professional experience in CRM throughout California and the Midwest. He has participated as a crew member and a crew lead for projects involving both precontact and historic cultural resources.

Carmell has participated in small- and large-scale archaeological survey and monitoring projects as well as Phase-II testing and Phase-III data recovery investigations throughout California and the United States. Additionally, he has contributed to writing technical reports and DPR 523 series forms. Carmell's areas of expertise include hands on field experience with TerraSync and ArcPad, using Survey-level Trimble units, Garmins, ESRI Collector and ArcGIS, writing field forms, documentation of artifacts, and photo documentation of fieldwork and cultural resources.


When Carmell is not out in the field, he spends his time working out and traveling across the country with his girlfriend and friends.


Cherish Daines

Project Analyst


Cherish is a qualified environmental professional bringing almost two decades of experience in the consulting industry. She began her career as a planner, conducting program coordination for remediation work and assisting in the research and report preparation for various CEQA/NEPA projects. For the last fifteen years, Cherish has provided in-house and now off-site environmental compliance support for the Environmental Services Department at Southern California Edison (SCE). As a senior environmental coordinator, she is responsible for collaborating with project teams, agency peers, SCE management, and managing external consultants during the environmental review phase of planned and emergent projects. The work is critical to sustain environmental clearance target cycle times to meet design, budgetary constraints, and construction schedules set forth by SCE or federal/state specifications.


Cherish is a SoCal gal at heart but relocated to Tampa at the end of 2020. She can always be found chasing after her three rambunctious sons and their two rescue pups. Other hobbies include cooking, beach volleyball, anything outdoors (especially if animals are included), and coaching lacrosse.

Escee Lopez

Project Analyst

Escee b 12.20.jpg

Escee Lopez is a seasoned archaeologist with over ten years of professional experience in CRM throughout California. She has served as a crew member, a field director, and data manager for small and large scale archaeological surveys and monitoring, as well as participating in Phase-II testing and Phase-III data recovery investigations. Escee has facilitated Native American outreach efforts, CHRIS records searches, and contributed to writing technical reports and California State Department of Parks and Recreation 523 Series forms. Escee is now part of MCCs desktop review team as a project analyst! She helps review environmental intake for clients that contributes to our field staffs understanding of projects and their requirements.


Nature is Escee’s therapist; dogs are her confidantes. Escee has an adventurous spirit and palate. She loves to learn about other cultures and taste their food. She enjoys visiting, exploring, and working in different places and environments.


Hannah Johnston, M.Sc.

Archaeologist / GIS Technician


Hannah is an osteoarchaeologist and GIS technician with over three years of professional work and over six years of academic experience. Hannah received her B.A. in anthropology from Cal State LA and her M.Sc. from the University of Reading, UK. She is paleo-cross-trained and performs fieldwork including excavating, surveying, and monitoring. Additionally she helps conduct NAHC correspondence, Tribal outreach, report writing, and GIS. She has worked on projects in California, Ireland, and the UK, utilizing her training in bioarchaeological techniques; including identifying, exhuming, and analyzing human remains. In addition to field work, Hannah has performed laboratory analysis of historic and precontact artifacts from the Santa Monica Mountains, analyzed human remains from the “Midnight Terror Cave” in Belize, and completed biological profiles to help identify and reconnect remains of prisoners from Spike Island, Ireland.


Hannah is an advocate for mental health and understanding neurodivergence in the workplace. Her favorite activities outside of work include swimming, hiking, baking, and having a proper chat over a good cup of coffee.


Laura Freeman

Environmental Analyst

Laura_choice 1.jpg

Laura is an energetic and highly adaptable professional with eight years of office management experience and ten years providing
customer service in various positions. She is 
an Analyst who helps MCC by utilizing environmental intake for our prime consultants.


Laura is a dedicated wife and mother of two little girls who values spending quality time with her family. She is passionate about her fitness regimen and enjoys working out early in the morning before starting work. Laura spends her free time supporting her older daughter with her busy dance schedule by attending rehearsals, recitals, and competitions with her younger daughter in tow.


Phillip J. Jaramillo

Project Analyst


Philip is a highly skilled Project Analyst with over ten years of extensive experience in environmental intake. Renowned for his exceptional ability to foster efficient communication and collaboration across cross-functional teams, Philip excels in navigating crucial conversations with stakeholders of diverse backgrounds, including staff, management, customers, and vendors. With a keen focus on quality control and project management, Philip has a proven track record of delivering complex projects within stringent time and budgetary constraints. His expertise has been instrumental in successfully completing numerous large-scale backlogged projects, resulting in significant savings in man-hours. Philip's exemplary organizational skills are matched by his proficiency in coordinating with fellow consultants to optimize work distribution and enhance program efficiency. His prior experience in managing consulting analysts underscores his leadership capabilities and strategic acumen. Resourceful and adept at tackling challenges head-on, Philip possesses a comprehensive skill set that spans from specialized technical operations to interpersonal dynamics. His depth of knowledge and accomplishments reflect a commitment to professional excellence in every endeavor.

Aside from his personal career, Phil enjoys spending time with his three beautiful children and can often be found on the golf course most weekends.  He also enjoys cooking, baking and acrylic painting.


Zachary White



Zac is an archaeologist with over seven years of academic research and field experience and five years of professional experience in CRM throughout California. He has worked on projects subject to Federal, State, and local government regulations within California and has participated as a Field Director and crew member in monitoring, survey, and excavation efforts throughout California. Zachary has served in various capacities for projects involving both precontact and historic cultural resources, has participated in small- and large-scale archaeological surveys, as well as assisted in Phase-II testing and Phase-III data recovery investigations and archaeological monitoring throughout California. 


Originally from the Midwest, Zac loves to explore mountain ranges, to work on his jeeps, and to take off-road drives. He is a big fan of football, especially the LA Rams. Zac has a particular interest in history and early California history, and he plans to obtain a master’s degree in applied archaeology.

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